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Behind every exhibition, every publication and every lecture is a well-founded study of sources. Clients often lack the time or personnel to conduct on-site research in archives or libraries. I am happy to support you by sifting through and evaluating the relevant source material for your projects.

For clients, such as the Rosgartenmuseum Konstanz, I conduct research in city, district and newspaper archives. The usual procedure also includes looking through secondary literature. I am also very familiar with the Lake Constance collection at the University of Constance. I prepare the relevant material in excerpts and copies according to certain specifications - you can design your projects on this solid foundation!

Inquiries from private individuals are usually aimed at finding out more about their own ancestors. Do you only have a name or a few dates and would like to know more about your ancestors? Do you already have sources but are unable to view the material on site?

I would be happy to support you with your concerns!

Company history

Company history

As a sub-discipline of economic and social history, corporate history offers the opportunity to scientifically research and document the development of individual companies. Not every company has a well-documented history. In order to close this gap(s), I sift through your internal written records and conduct on-site research in archives and libraries, as well as in electronic databases. The findings will be used to create a scientifically sound contribution that brings the history of your company to life and makes it tangible.

125 years of Savings and Building Association Constance eG

The "Savings and building association Constance" , the second oldest non-profit building cooperative in Baden, can look back on 125 years of company history this year. As a historian, I was hired to research the history of the cooperative and make it visible to the public: Extensive source material, consisting of archival documents, annual reports and newspaper articles etc., was reviewed and evaluated.

Members of the SBK and anyone interested can find out more about the exciting history of the cooperative from July 2021: An annual report richly illustrated with historical motifs will be published to mark the anniversary! 


Writing is one of the activities of a historian. In addition to academic (final) theses at universities, it is a great pleasure for me to bring history(ies) closer to a wide audience. History doesn't have to be "dry as dust" and overloaded with dates - I want to inspire you with culture and history in a scholarly, yet exciting and entertaining way!

Publication in the anthology "Constance and Italy"

The volume of the "Kleine Schriftenreihe des Stadtarchivs Konstanz", published in 2023, sheds light on the transalpine relations of Constance and Italy through the centuries.

Schilhab, Daniela: Italian "Immigrant families": About living and working in Constance, in: Klöckler, Jürgen (ed.): Constance and Italy. Transalpine relations through the centuries (=Small series of publications of the Constance City Archive, 23), Constance 2023, pp. 353-374.

Publication in the SINGEN Yearbook 2021:

Under the motto "Citizens write for citizens", the town of Singen has regularly published a contemporary history yearbook since 1966. In the 55th volume of the "chronicle of events in the city Singen", I published an article about migrant workers at Maggi.

Schilhab, Daniela: Italian workers at Maggi in Singen, in: Singen (Hohentwiel) (Hrsg.): SINGEN yearbook 2021 (=SINGEN yearbook, 55), Singen/Hohentwiel 2021, pp. 38-42.

Publication in the hegau yearbook 2020: In the anthology "people in motion - migration" my article on the "Immigration of Italian "guest workers" in Constance" was published.

The hegau yearbook contains topics on the regional history of the Hegau and neighboring areas. The yearbooks have had a theme since 2001, are published annually and are available from the office of the Hegau History Association or from bookshops.

Schilhab, Daniela: Immigration of Italian "guest workers" in Constance, in: people in motion - migration (=hegau, 77), Singen/Hohentwiel 2020, pp.231-242.

Publication in the 2020 Annual Report of savings and building association Constance eG:

To mark the 125th anniversary of the non-profit building cooperative, I wrote an article about the history of the savings and building association Constance. The 2020 annual report compares the development of the cooperative with the city of Constance in decades.

Schilhab, Daniela: 125 years of savings and building association Constance, in: Savings and Building association eG (Hrsg.): Annual report 2020, Constance 2021, pp. 96-145. 

Constance is dancing - A light art project about wealth and violence in the Middle Ages

In 2018, the city of Constance celebrated the fourth year of the Council's anniversary with the "Year of Culture".

An animated façade projection and an accompanying volume, which is available digitally, were created in a cooperation project between students at the University of Konstanz and the HTWG.

"Constance is dancing" was dedicated to the Fourth Constance Guild Uprising of 1429/30, which came to a head around the "House to the cat" in today's Katzgasse.

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